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Prospective Members who Want to Join Us

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We are seeking new people who want to learn and contribute to the advanced cardiac MRI research.

Our group is directed by Dr. Michael Salerno MD, PhD, Section Chief of Cardiovascular Imaging in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. We are a team of cardiology, radiology, and engineering investigators who are developing novel advanced cardiac MRI techniques and translating them into clinical practice. If you are interested in joining us as a Post-Doctoral fellow or a graduate student researcher, please contact us with any questions!

The major research interests of our group are:

  • To develop advanced techniques for whole-heart quantitative CMR myocardial perfusion imaging and apply these techniques to study ischemic heart disease.
  • To develop rapid free-breathing self-gated techniques for fast acquisition of CMR images of function, perfusion, parametric mapping, and myocardial scar.
  • To develop and apply novel T1 mapping techniques and other tissue characterization methods to improve the accuracy of assessing myocardial fibrosis.
  • To develop Deep-learning techniques for image acquisition, reconstruction, and post-processing for myocardial perfusion imaging, cine imaging, and T1 mapping.

Prospective Post-Doctoral Fellows or Staff

In general, our group seeks Post-Doctoral members who have substantial MRI experience including pulse sequence programming and/or reconstruction. You should also be capable of working in a team-oriented environment but also able to independently solve problems.

Requirements/Highly Desired Skills:

  • PhD or MD/PhD in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Medical Physics, or related field
  • Significant experience in the development and implementation of pulse sequences or image reconstruction techniques (Experience with Siemens IDEA/ICE and GE EPIC is preferred)
  • Proficiency in quantitative analytical methods and strong programming skills (Python, C/C++, Matlab, etc)
  • Significant track record of research and publications in top MRI scientific conferences and journals
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Track record of effectively working both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team

The candidate would work on one of our two NIH funded Projects:

  • To develop novel CMR pulse sequences and reconstruction techniques for high-resolution whole-heart quantitative myocardial perfusion imaging and to evaluate these methods in ischemic heart disease.
  • To develop novel free-breathing and self-gated techniques for cine, LGE, and T1 mapping. 

Scanner Resources:

  • State of the art Siemens and GE Scanners

The position will be for two years, with a potential for renewal for a longer term. If interested, please email your CV to Dr. Michael Salerno MD, PhD

Prospective Graduate Students

Get to Know Our Group: Read our group's research interests on this site, consider a research rotation if you are interested. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact people in our group.

Prerequisites: Cardiac MRI research is an interdisciplinary field combining Engineering, Physics and Cardiovascular Medicine. Some background knowledge/interest in all of these areas are important for the success of your research.

Skills: Strong written and communication skills, oral presentation skills and computer skills (Matlab, C/C++, Python)

If interested, please email your CV to Dr. Michael Salerno MD, PhD